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 Bets Davies
Bets Davies

Jonah Journey is my first published poetry. It, in a way, tells as much about me as does my memoir Cicada Shell (which is, as yet, unpublished). I have spent most of my last couple of years on my fantasy novels, but there is some of me in every poem, like the one below.

The Shirt

I am wearing
shirt of
old friend —
new friend.
I only knew her
a year but
she is
the type to be
old friend
She left
shirt here
at my house not
by mistake but
because she knew
she would always be
by if she needed
it. She hasn't been
by. I'm not
wearing this shirt
as clothing but
as a lamp
I keep lit
in the night
waiting for her
to come home.

About the author

Learning from my mother, I created poems before I knew how to write. Over the years, as an image or moment stuck me, I could not help but distill it into a poem! I also began writing fantasy at age 9 based on My Little Pony characters.

At the University of Michigan I turned my narration to mainstream fiction before graduating with Creative Writing/Literature and Psychology degrees with high honors. At Mills College, I focused on memoir and poetry and received a Master of Fine Arts with high honors. I returned to fantasy with new knowledge and skills as well.

I currently live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with my two dogs and a macaw. I recently achieved a twenty-year dream and bought my own bassoon.

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