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Deb Davies and Sweeny, the cat formerly known as Plate.

The picture on the cover of Mary and Martha is the sculptor Rodin's Eve, depicted as she leaves Eden. I've loved that statue since I can remember, but when I looked it up, hoping to use it for my book cover, I realized that while the statue of Adam looks as clean-cut as Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy, Eve is covering her breasts. Taking care of children, going back to school, and returning to teaching while taking care of aging parents, I'd become more aware of ways women are defined, which accounts for the title of the book.

As I look at the chapbook Love in a Small Town, with a picture of my favorite diner, I know I've mellowed a little. Experience boils us down; reduction concentrates us. Love is not the only thing you find in small towns, but I am deeply grateful for family and "the neighborhoods" that support me.

Little known fact about me: When I was thirteen, I burned my stomach trying to iron and read a book of poetry at the same time.

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About the author
Deborah Davies was born in Jackson, Michigan. She earned her MFA at Michigan State University, and retired as an assistant professor of language and literature at Jackson Community College, where she taught creative writing and other writing classes.