Mary and Martha

Poetry by Deborah Davies

Poet Diane Gilliam Fisher said Mary and Martha "enacts one of our most basic struggles, that of the need to work, as Zora Neale Hurston puts it, with the need to love. In this work of reconciliation, deconstruction mixes with laundry, pet rats are 'unfailingly gentle,' and mothers are counter-culture. Martha finds the time to dream and Mary does dishes in this strong, tender collection in which Davies both laments and celebrates how complex women's lives really are."

The book of poetry traces 20 years of Davies' life trying to reconcile the tug of war between career and family.

"Deborah Davies' poetry, fine toned and strong in its impact, draws together the private dramas and pleasures of family life, as observed by an intellectually astute wife and mother, and the outside world in all its variations — from the muddy to the luminous. Davies' vision of herself, her family, and friends is candid, humorous, and always redemptive, even in moments of hardship and tragedy. Her melodic use of language and metaphor demonstrate a unique imagination and talent."
— Sheila Roberts,
author of Purple Yams and Jacks in Corners

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Paperback: 79 pages
Published: April 2005
ISBN-13: 978-09748703-0-4
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About the author
Deborah Davies was born in Jackson, Michigan. She earned her MFA at Michigan State University, and retired as an assistant professor of language and literature at Jackson Community College where she taught creative writing and other writing classes.